About Country Cookin

                                          Saudia Shuler aka Saud

A true definition of Philadelphia hustle and heart, Ms. Saudia Shuler also known by her instagram name “Aunt Saund” is a Philadelphia treasure beloved by her community. One that extends online to her more than 400K followers. Ms. Shuler is an authentic experience of North Philadelphia culture.

Saudia Shuler, is also known all over the world for her delicious soul food, extravagant events, but most importantly her big heart. Saudia is always finding ways to support her community, wether it be through food and clothing drives, prom giveaways, employing the young people in her community, annual Christmas giveaways, government shutdown giveaways, feeding the homeless daily, youth mentorship and housing opportunities, assisting with the coverage of bills of people in need, back-to-school drives, drives for returning college students, supporting and uplifting local black-owned businesses, and much more.